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Brand Reps

We have been so blessed in our journey to come across some beautiful babes with wonderful Mamas who have helped to promote and grow our little brand. Below we feature some of our long term brand reps and also some of our  brand ambassadors who have also contributed with beautiful photos of their little people!

Little miss Amalia is just a bundle of perfection! She’s a cheeky little girl who fake
coughs to get attention! She loves her bouncer and bath-time! Her big eyes and beautiful
smile make her picture perfect every time!

Lilly and Mia
These two joined us recently and already have contributed so much! Stunning and cute to boot, their photos are always gorgeous and fun with plenty of cheeky smiles! We feel so lucky to have stumbled across these two and their wonderful Mama. Find them on Instagram @gracie_rose_designs

Gorgeous Coco has a bit of a vested interest, since her Mama owns C&Boo, never the less she is always happy to dress up and play model with any new pieces that arrive. Getting her to smile is a bit of task though – often too busy playing with sweet treats or special finds!


Want to collaborate with us?
We are always looking for new opportunities to expand and work together with like-minded people! So if you’ve got an idea you’d like us to be involved in, just pop us through an email via our contact form and we will get in touch!

Interested in becoming a brand rep?

You can contact us at hello@candboo.com.au with a photo or two!
Our brand reps must be passionate about helping us grow our brand, have
a  great eye for photography and styling products.